Monday, February 25, 2013

A Kitchen Re-Vamp. . .2/25/13

Last year I was contracted to help redo this house. Set in the lovely neighborhood of Briargrove in Houston, it had quaint and cozy features, could definitely use a facelift but most of all showed promise. Nothing some carpentry, paint and refinishing couldn't help. So, it was sold to my client like this and for the sake of offering you "before" pictures, this is what I have despite the fact that all furnishings are from the previous owners. 

This is the dining room. We didn't do much except remove the drapery and replace the crown molding above the windows to lie flat against the wall. We also removed some outdated wainscoting. 
 This is the teensy tiny kitchen. It had very old appliances, cabinetry that was as older than my client and absolutely no storage space. The kitchen felt like it was closing in on us and was completely closed off from the rest of the house with only a small doorway for access. 
 This small study off the kitchen didn't require too much work but did need new hardware for the cabinets, paint on all cabinetry and walls and a re-stain of the floor.
 Another shot of the kitchen - old and sad.
 From the small doorway in the kitchen you could access the living room. Had nice lighting but the entire house needed hardwood re-stain and replacing of several planks that had water damage and were warped. Not to mention the sad brown color of the cabinets. Yikes!
 The living room view from the vantage point of the windows.
 One of the bedrooms - would need to be turned into a little girls room. 
 The living room from the vantage point of the fireplace facing the small entrance to the kitchen. It felt claustrophobic. We blew that wall out thank you very much. 
So these are the before shots.  . .

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