Monday, February 21, 2011

MAI. . .2/21/11

Today was tough. Having pink eye in BOTH of my eyes and being unable to handle my kids a lot, I sent my son away to his grandparents' house and took my daughter hunting for a Louis Philippe mirror for my first interior decorating client. Where to on our first stop? My old stomping grounds of course. . .Memorial Antiques & Interiors.

When my son was a baby, I had a space there at MAI as one of their antique dealers. Sometimes I miss it but then I open my eyes and remember how expensive it would be to pay for everyone else's broken antiques when I am forced to take my kids with me?! ;)

Anyway, I think I may have found a winning mirror (not pictured) but I DID find several vignettes worth photographing and sharing with you all. . .and yes, having been an MAI dealer I am a little partial but take a peek for yourself. . .
Take this dealer's space for example. I am coveting nearly EVERYTHING in it!! Starting with the chairs and the table in the forefront. . .but how lovely would the top of the armoire hanging above the back art work look hung above a bed??
These tiered shelves are great but the painting of the girl in the back is wonderful and somber. I stared at it for a few minutes. . .debating where I could put it in my own home ;)
Okay, yes, the wine tasting table is beautiful (they always are) but the tiger bamboo easel is AWESOME!! I love it!! Even more so than the easel from Anthropologie I showed you in my last post. . .
I have a true love for industrial pieces like this one. If I ever have the opportunity (and space) for a large hobby room (in our next home of course), pieces like this one might have to utilized. It's eclectic and I just love the way they mix with more traditional French country pieces. . .I mean, take this photo for example, the lavender, oil paintings and old books look right at home with it.
Do you love this picture for all it's mixture? The metal and wire baskets, the stone cherubs and the pine table. . .c'est magnifique!!
There's nothing that makes a statement in a perfect room like an unperfect piece of art. . .this focal one really caught my eye.
I would set it up EXACTLY as they have here. In an entry way.
Now THIS! THIS made me soooo happy!! It was the first photograph I took today. . .I can literally already picture loads of white stoneware stacked inside these lovely chicken wire-covered shelves. . .and how beautiful is the scalloped edging of the cabinet doors??
I know a lot of women dislike antlers or deer heads in their home. . .I am not one of them. I LOVE decorating with deer heads and antlers!!! There's simply too many places I could put these great ones.
This is one of those random and unique pieces that require a little bit of thought but make a great addition - especially in a man's private home office I'd say.
Ahhhhhh. . .need I say anything at all???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can I Wear the Table??. . .2/19/11

Leave it to Anthropologie to come up with a stellar way of adding fresh and funky to staple home pieces!! Today as I was in search for a dress to wear to a friend's upcoming wedding I saw a very cool chair in their store but in my rush to get in and out I was forced to bypass it. So, when I came home I went online to look at it (sadly, it wasn't there) but I stumbled upon some interesting artsy home pieces and thought they were worth sharing. . .

It's always nice to open your eyes to thinks that are beautiful even if they wouldn't necessarily work fin your particular home. A chaise from the seventies might make a stale room feel eclectic and new. I believe it's all about appreciating the art and the differences. . .think of it as a lovely melting pot of furniture and design.

For me, it's true that country French and Provencal decor reign supreme but who says Ikat can't be fabulous?? Not me. I for one love it!!

This easel is super funky but it could sit in a corner of just about any styled room and fit in perfectly! Leave it bare or sit a lovely piece of artwork upon it.
I think these industrial pendant lights are so neat. They sell them everywhere and I've even seen them homemade at antique shows. I think they'd be cute in a work space, kids room, powder room or even an unexpected place. . .like your pantry!!
I like them both but the scalloped edged one above stands out a little more. . .
I'm currently decorating a home for a client and I think this lamp would suit him perfectly. It's rustic and worn but in a way that a woman wouldn't dislike. . .wouldn't you agree??
This mirror is so cool!! I love the dismembered pieces all put back together in a disheveled way. It's the colors though that make an otherwise harsh piece so soft.
This side table is too cute. I've seen it in a few places but it's one of those that can go from bedside table, to closet to family room. . .maybe all of my nine-hundred remotes could be stored in drawer number one??
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stool!! I just think it is insanely unique!! I've been looking for one for my kitchen. . .hmmm.
This industrial console is incredibly good-looking and at $398, it's a great deal too!!
Now this is more up my alley. this is the kind of thing you might find in my house. It's a coffee table but they also make a side table version. I just love the colors and the chippy distressed paint.
So, speaking of Ikat above, here are some super cool takes of Ikat patterns on your typical folding chair. Now how fun would it be to pull these chairs of a closet for a party?? Or then again, they're too pretty to keep hidden in a closet. . .you decide.

This one's my favorite ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Found for the Home. . .2/16/11

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Would we all not agree that such a statement is fact? Or does art, physical attraction, style and opinion coincide in all of us the same? Indeed it does not. . .because if it did I would not feel the need (nay gut-splitting urge) to write mental fashion citations throughout the day to strangers on the street. . .(while we are on that note, allow me a brief aside: UGG boots DO NOT go with everything. UGG's on Bottom, cutoff denim and bikini on top???? Pick a season for Pete's sake!!) Anyway. . .

So, the old adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," is true and in no other place as much as when you are hunting for antiques; when creativity can lend itself to many, many a treasure, as-is or re-purposed. . .it just takes an eye and an idea. . .

Behold the opportunities. . .
Magnificent seashells in every size shape and color. In clusters, bowls , bookshelves. . .there are few places these delicious sea skeletons don't make a splash!! Except maybe the soap kind that were for decorative use only sitting in baskets on the back of people's toilets in the 80's and 90's. . .pourqoui??
This gorgeous pup even got to enjoy his nap on a stunning antique doggie bed. Now that's what I call a pampered pooch!!
Old fragments and small corbels. . .could make a great shelf ornament or wall grouping. . .
These antique Mexican Milagros STOLE my heart!! I LOVE them. . .too bad they were terribly expensive and I didn't "technically" need any ;) But they'd look great in a grouping on my wall. . .or hanging from tabletop books as bookmarks. . .I might need to actually go back and find these for my daughter's room. . .
These two Rosemary topiaries smell AMAZING!! Too bad they are for a client and not for me :(
This lovely floral oil painting for my daughter's room is so sweet. . . I couldn't pass it up!! The colors are beautiful!
These antique cooking molds went from the antique fair straight to a closet in my home where I keep things for ideas later on. . .stay tuned. . .I loved the size, the patina and the scalloped edges on them. Again, couldn't leave them. . .and the more of them I took home, the better the price the dealer gave me!!
I've recently started collecting silver teapots and pitchers and trophies. I have an idea for a wonderful shelf but it will take many antique fairs over the course of many years to build the size collection I'm interested in. . .we'll see. . .and I'll definitely keep you posted.
But look at the exquisite detail and etching on this one!!! I think for now it might make a home in my study with some pale pink roses to keep it company. . .
. . .beside this one of course ;) The handle is divine!
This pitcher had sweet feet and a very unique pouring spout (hard to see but). . .it is what it is. You don't always come home from fairs with truck loads of large pieces. Sometimes you have to take the risk that you might be out there for hours at time and return with something nearly useless or worst, empty-handed. There were years I went out to Round Top, paid sitters, gassed up the car, drove three hours, paid admission, food, etc. Came home beaten down, exhausted and allergy-attacked and had literally NOT ONE thing to show for it. Not even a ribbon! Oh well, for me, it's all about the hunt. . .antiqueing is my happy place :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love to Love Ya Baby. . .2/14/11

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope everyone celebrated the lovely-dovey day with their lovey-dovey loved ones! My husband and I celebrated it on Sunday night (the 13th) alone and then again with our kids on the actual holiday. We tend to feel that if it's about love then our kids should be part of it, no??

Anyway, as a sweet ode to this day of precocious amore, here are a few lovely St. Valentine's Day ideas (mostly from my beloved Martha Stewart) with one final love token of my own at the end ;) Maybe it's too late for this year but file it away for next year OR surprise someone you love on a random weekday. . .a special token of affection (especially a homemade one) is always sweeter when there's not a reason for it :)

Use a heart0shaped cookie cutter and a box mix of cookies! It's THAT easy!!
I'm filing this one away for next year!! It's a pre-thought card but one that will surely draw your sweetheart's attention. . .talk about picking out the perfect card!
This is adorable too! Got kids?? Take a precious photograph like this one and even send it over email to family and friends in different cities :)
This is so easy I might make some for myself this afternoon ;) Use a cookie cutter - and note: cookie shapes retain their shape better when cooking if you've let the dough sit in the fridge for at least an hour before rolling it out.
Cupcakes and cookie-cutter brownies. . .prefect combo!! Yum!!
These might be a little more complex but aren't they pretty :)
This is as easy as pie. . .use a cookie cutter in a pan when pouring the pancake batter.
Use the cookie from above and slather some ice cream in the middle. . .

This is my little project for my parents - they took their grandson (their little Valentine) to Chuck-E-Cheese but not before we made them some special cookies ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Cottage by the Sea??. . .2/11/11

Don't you sometimes have days, weeks even, where you just wish you could close your eyes and be transported to a quaint little cottage in the country, in Aix en Provence even? I'd be just as happy with a view of the sea. . .a seat where cozily wrapped in a blanket I could sip a nice glass of warm scotch, smell the salty ocean water and doze off to utter silence except the sound of the waves crashing. That'd be oh-so-nice. . .