Monday, February 21, 2011

MAI. . .2/21/11

Today was tough. Having pink eye in BOTH of my eyes and being unable to handle my kids a lot, I sent my son away to his grandparents' house and took my daughter hunting for a Louis Philippe mirror for my first interior decorating client. Where to on our first stop? My old stomping grounds of course. . .Memorial Antiques & Interiors.

When my son was a baby, I had a space there at MAI as one of their antique dealers. Sometimes I miss it but then I open my eyes and remember how expensive it would be to pay for everyone else's broken antiques when I am forced to take my kids with me?! ;)

Anyway, I think I may have found a winning mirror (not pictured) but I DID find several vignettes worth photographing and sharing with you all. . .and yes, having been an MAI dealer I am a little partial but take a peek for yourself. . .
Take this dealer's space for example. I am coveting nearly EVERYTHING in it!! Starting with the chairs and the table in the forefront. . .but how lovely would the top of the armoire hanging above the back art work look hung above a bed??
These tiered shelves are great but the painting of the girl in the back is wonderful and somber. I stared at it for a few minutes. . .debating where I could put it in my own home ;)
Okay, yes, the wine tasting table is beautiful (they always are) but the tiger bamboo easel is AWESOME!! I love it!! Even more so than the easel from Anthropologie I showed you in my last post. . .
I have a true love for industrial pieces like this one. If I ever have the opportunity (and space) for a large hobby room (in our next home of course), pieces like this one might have to utilized. It's eclectic and I just love the way they mix with more traditional French country pieces. . .I mean, take this photo for example, the lavender, oil paintings and old books look right at home with it.
Do you love this picture for all it's mixture? The metal and wire baskets, the stone cherubs and the pine table. . .c'est magnifique!!
There's nothing that makes a statement in a perfect room like an unperfect piece of art. . .this focal one really caught my eye.
I would set it up EXACTLY as they have here. In an entry way.
Now THIS! THIS made me soooo happy!! It was the first photograph I took today. . .I can literally already picture loads of white stoneware stacked inside these lovely chicken wire-covered shelves. . .and how beautiful is the scalloped edging of the cabinet doors??
I know a lot of women dislike antlers or deer heads in their home. . .I am not one of them. I LOVE decorating with deer heads and antlers!!! There's simply too many places I could put these great ones.
This is one of those random and unique pieces that require a little bit of thought but make a great addition - especially in a man's private home office I'd say.
Ahhhhhh. . .need I say anything at all???

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Anonymous said...

Ok so last night I had finished all I could for the day and I wanted so badly to make me a cup of tea and come see if you had blogged anything new- but then my husband said he'd join me in a movie if I picked one, not having much time like that with him lately, the movie won! I loved the pictures you displayed and it all reminded me of the many years I spent shopping around anitque malls and shops for Pappas restaurants. It was great and I also got to get first dibs on pieces for our home. I also have to say that having spent many, many hours in their warehouses full of game head, antlers galour and such- I would never want one in my house, so I had to laught when I read 'you are not one of these women'! Wish I was there to hit the antique malls with you! Looking forward to the next one!!!