Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Around the Kelley House. . .12/20/13

It seems like every year instead of adding more decorations to the house, I trim them down. It gets harder and harder to put them up when there's always someone smaller and smaller around. For example, this year the older kids didn't get to put up their mini trees in their rooms (the ones they get to decorate on their own) and they were initially pretty bummed about that until I explained it was dangerous for their baby brother and that satisfied them. But for the rest of the house, there's just always an image of someone getting hurt, and truth be told, it gets harder and harder to do it all and take it down. The only part the kids really care about is the tree and the Elf on the Shelf. . .maybe the Nutcrackers around the house. Mommy loves the various nativity scenes that I've started collecting and anything else is gravy. Garland? Maybe in the next house. . .
Nutcrackers standing at attention on the mantle in the living room. . .one set on the left. . .
. . .and one on the right.
Atop my Christmas gift last year (this antique buffet) sits a nativity scene I found in Cabo San Lucas this summer. I love it. 
A close up. On an old tarnished silver tray, with a torn piece of lace and some Christmasy sprays surrounding it. 
Facing our staircase is my first and favorite nativity scene by Willowtree. 
I considered adding to it this year because it has multitudes of other pieces that come with it but I really love the simplicity of this - I think it mimics the simplicity of how the Savious came into this world. No pomp. No circumstance. Yet He is King of Kings. 
And long long ago when we first got married, when it was just me and Rusty, I bought FIVE of these stockings  (strange considering I have always wanted four kids) and this year I monogrammed the last in the set. . .
Sweet Brooks. The best present under my tree last year. . .
Our buffet and hutch in the dining room: normally austere with only white stoneware and platters  yet come Christmas is adorned with nutcrackers of all varieties. I love all the characters! My favorites are the Parisian at the far right and the Park Ranger in the middle.
Another nativity scene. This one is small and sweet.
Accompanying our family photos in the wine room are some wooden figurines and holly.
Our tree this year. MUCH more understated than usual. I didn't use ANY of our typical ornaments. Literally left off about 100 ornaments, added this burlap ribbon (I usually have burlap bows) and called it a day.
Also, this year I found this children's nativity play set by Melissa & Doug. The kids always want to play with mine and they are OFF limits. So, when I saw this I bought it and gave it to them early so they could arrange it to their hearts desires. 
These poor trees have been around forever and are as fragile as blown glass but I love them :) 
Sweet tiny wreaths hanging from the french doors leading to the study, now the piano room. 
Wreaths on the windows/doors in the living room. I swapped out the red ribbons for burlap this year to mirror the tree. I tend to like a country-esque Christmas. Formal trees and decorations don't read "christmas-y" to me - it's not cozy and warm or inviting - but that's only my personal opinion and taste. 
These jingle balls were ornaments but since I wasn't using them on the tree this year I cut their strings off, and rustically restrung them together with twine for a door decoration. It is Brook's FAVORITE place to play these days!! Which is great for me because I always know where he is ;)
A small tree with no home finds a place on our coffee table.
I usually display our friends' Christmas cards from long ribbon on our stair rail but this year time has been hard to come by. Daddy has travelled A LOT and mommy has taken on a part time job and we added a third child to the mix so a sweet wire basket sitting next to a planted boxwood holds all our lovely friends' holiday wishes. 
Even my cookbook stand gets a fresh swap for the season. This is my FAVORITE Christmas cookbook. Note all the tabs. . .they've never come up with one as good as this one. 
Our powder bathroom. A homemade sign on twine offers a holiday reminder.
It's all in the details.
Where I usually have garland little Rusty took a couple of hours this year and made a beautiful red and green paper chain that runs the full length of the stair rail. He was so proud of himself!
And all the kids have their own second stocking on their bedroom door. These are the stockings that actually get stuffed. Rusty went ahead and put a Spiderman toy in his to get the party started ;) 
The newest stocking.
My little princess.
And THAT is what Christmas around here looks like this year, 2013. 
Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

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