Friday, March 8, 2013

A Treat For Me. . .3/8/13

Sometimes we mothers need a treat and for each of us a "treat" is defined differently. I have at times treated myself with a mani/pedi, a wonderful dessert or night out, a new outfit etc. This time around I decided that I was going to go for something I've said I was going to go for for a LONG time now. 

The last few years I have really wanted to purchase a new set of everyday china. I even created a birthday registry for my family at a store in town I love so they could buy me place settings instead of hapless unnecessary gifts. However, it never materialized in the past years. I realize that if i want it, I'd better start collecting it on my own. SO this week, I received a flyer in the mail for a BIG sale at my favorite china store and I immediately was reminded of my "treat". . .so I drove myself down there and purchased one place setting and one piece of serve ware for my new china. . .one of the many (if I'm being honest with you) that I have wanted since I basically became engaged. Here it is. . .happy Friday to me :)

My Spode Italian Blue

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