Saturday, May 12, 2012

OBSESSED!!!. . .5/12/12


This color combination is my all time love. And because it has become a recent popular trend I feel the need (nay duty) to tell you two things: 1) I have loved it for YEARS!! Even before it became the "it" color combo and even before Tory Burch splashed it on EVERYTHING she makes, and 2) I'm so incredibly excited to see the combination popping up all over the place - from rugs to bedding, shoes to handbags, serveware to clothing. Orange and fuchsia/hot pink (well orange and basically ANY shade of pink) are making a HUGE splash! 

 SJP rockin' the color block.
 And this dress on Eva Mendes is heavenly.
 The tangerine color of these pants is superb. Tip: JCrew has a silk blouse in this very color.
 Aldo Shoes
 Aldo Shoes
 Aldo Shoes
 Serena & Lily storage containers
 Serena & Lily seating poof
 Serena & Lily Girl's Bedding
 Serena & Lily Quilt
Serena & Lily Quilt
Serena & Lily Storage Bins
Serena & Lily Area Rug

My ALL TIME OBSESSION in Rugs: Serena & Lily Area Rug

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