Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Party. . .5/8/12

For my sweet daughter's second birthday I prepared in a most unusual way. . .late. Last year for her party I started four months before by taking a sewing class, buying a sewing machine and making all kinds of things from scratch on my own as decorations for the party. The big fondant cake was made by me as was most all of the food but this year April was mayhem. My sister had her first baby on the same weekend as  Easter, and a wedding little Rusty and I were both in (I a bridesmaid and singer and he a ring bearer), and Tess Ryan's actual birthday. With all that and a regular life to stay on top of, my typical pre-planning became a last-minute plan - although the vision was already in my head so having it "come together" was more like what we call hustling. But it came together. . .in less than one week and not exactly as I'd hoped in every respect but it did and it was lovely and precious. . .just like my little Tessie :)

First I had to make sure the back yard/garden was taken care of. For many of you who know me, you know that I refer to our yard as "the place where plants come to die." So here are a few photographs of the newly minted yard two days before the party:

I ADORE Succulents!!!

I prepared a few simple "kid stations" around the yard and driveway.  This one was UBER simple: a metal bucket full of colorful sidewalk chalk.  
And a driveway full of ride along toys and tricycles. . .which were in use at the time of this photograph.
A big princess bouncy house for all the kids to enjoy! And bonus the rental company set it up so that it completely blocked off exit through the driveway. I also hired a babysitter to man the bouncy house and kids though so that parents could enjoy the party as well.
I got this idea from Pinterest. I filled about 24 canning jars with pink lemonade and dumped them in a zinc  bin. On the table above was a cute pink lemonade colored bucket for tossing the lids and vintage paper straws for drinking the PL.
Refills for pink lemonade. See the straws and the bucket there on the left??
A table full of yummy treats including a GIGANTIC tray of Chic-fil-A nuggets covered in foil there at the back. . .those were THE hit of the buffet.
My usual "fancy" homemade 10-plus-hours cake LITERALLY fell into the sink the day before the party - it was a disaster to begin with - so for the first time in my history as a mom I simplified and made these strawberry cupcakes with contrasting icing and sweet flags from BHLDN.
The table and the 38 total tissue pom-poms all over the place that I made over the course of two weeks - that was the only thing I knew I'd have to do little by little because they take forever to make.

A close-up of the party favors I made: celo bags full of all the red and pink starburst candies tied with pink raffia. . .which I forgot to pass out to guests and realized only as one person was left in the house. Nice. 

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Anonymous said...

Finally!!! I thought you'd abandonded your blog and I was very sad. I missed you and I love all the wonderful things you did for Tess' birthday, it was beautiful! Those pompoms really gave it a nice, colorful touch! Great job! Happy 2nd Birthday as Tess' mommy to you too- love you and miss you girlfriend.

Your Alabama follower :)))