Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Peek at RoundTop. . .5/15/12

Round Top, Texas is always a fun find. If nothing else I always enjoy scouring miles and miles of tents and fields for items as common as tables to the more obscure and detailed. . .and the odds are that the BEST way for me to find what I'm looking for is to put the thought of finding it OUT of my head and go with an open mind. The last few years I've come back LITERALLY empty handed and this year was no different. At least in the past I can come across a trinket or two but this year and last were absolute busts. . .not that I didn't lust after a few large and small items along the way. 
 I could sift through precious old silver for hours. Some of the pieces are so ornate and lovely. I can already imagine one day having a collection of beautiful pieces to use for serving when my kids and their families are all older. I hope.
 These incredible (and huge) dough bowls are amazing. One day I'll have room for a super long farm table that can host one of these super huge bowls right down the center!!
 Baskets! Baskets! Baskets! Who among us isn't ALWAYS in need of baskets?! These French ones are particularly enticing. 
 This year I went to Round Top with a dear designer friend who almost took this gorgeous industrial console made of reclaimed wood home with her. Giving it more thought she sadly realized she had nowhere to put it.
 I came back to this wine tasting table at least three times. You can't tell by the photograph but the height was very unusual - which is why I loved it so. It was about the height of an arm chair so would have been perfect in a living room or den next to a sofa or between two chairs.
Now these I was ready to take home. I am IN LOVE with mounted deer head and I have some in our home. I loved the enormity of their antlers and the backing but for $4,500 a piece I'm sure they'll make someone else much happier. 
 The pies de resistance was this antique Belgium secretary. I was stunning and priced to match. I appealed to my husband's better nature but lost.
 My designer friend bought two of these French hot air balloons for a the bedroom of a client's young daughter. They were so sweet. . .one over each of her twin beds.
 There was a vendor in one of the tents that had the most precious artwork. I fell in love with about 20 of them and their incredibly encouraging and loving sayings. Here are a few. . .
 Loved this one. Great to tell your kids daily anyway.
 Sweet for a nursery.
 The curve, design and hue of this dresser was so lovely.
 I had to photograph this sofa because as lovely as the patina and design both are, I was a little sickened by the dusty, stinky mustiness of it. I don't think this is an area of antiquing that is for me; I need to rest my head and body on a clean sofa. Restoration Hardware makes a nearly exact replica and for that sort of usage - newer is better to me.
 Love, love, love this piece. It was so heavy, sturdy and decadent.
These tables from Wendow in Austin, Texas were just perfect in size, height, style. Love the look and style of bleached furniture; something so calm, relaxed and casual about it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

OBSESSED!!!. . .5/12/12


This color combination is my all time love. And because it has become a recent popular trend I feel the need (nay duty) to tell you two things: 1) I have loved it for YEARS!! Even before it became the "it" color combo and even before Tory Burch splashed it on EVERYTHING she makes, and 2) I'm so incredibly excited to see the combination popping up all over the place - from rugs to bedding, shoes to handbags, serveware to clothing. Orange and fuchsia/hot pink (well orange and basically ANY shade of pink) are making a HUGE splash! 

 SJP rockin' the color block.
 And this dress on Eva Mendes is heavenly.
 The tangerine color of these pants is superb. Tip: JCrew has a silk blouse in this very color.
 Aldo Shoes
 Aldo Shoes
 Aldo Shoes
 Serena & Lily storage containers
 Serena & Lily seating poof
 Serena & Lily Girl's Bedding
 Serena & Lily Quilt
Serena & Lily Quilt
Serena & Lily Storage Bins
Serena & Lily Area Rug

My ALL TIME OBSESSION in Rugs: Serena & Lily Area Rug

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Party. . .5/8/12

For my sweet daughter's second birthday I prepared in a most unusual way. . .late. Last year for her party I started four months before by taking a sewing class, buying a sewing machine and making all kinds of things from scratch on my own as decorations for the party. The big fondant cake was made by me as was most all of the food but this year April was mayhem. My sister had her first baby on the same weekend as  Easter, and a wedding little Rusty and I were both in (I a bridesmaid and singer and he a ring bearer), and Tess Ryan's actual birthday. With all that and a regular life to stay on top of, my typical pre-planning became a last-minute plan - although the vision was already in my head so having it "come together" was more like what we call hustling. But it came together. . .in less than one week and not exactly as I'd hoped in every respect but it did and it was lovely and precious. . .just like my little Tessie :)

First I had to make sure the back yard/garden was taken care of. For many of you who know me, you know that I refer to our yard as "the place where plants come to die." So here are a few photographs of the newly minted yard two days before the party:

I ADORE Succulents!!!

I prepared a few simple "kid stations" around the yard and driveway.  This one was UBER simple: a metal bucket full of colorful sidewalk chalk.  
And a driveway full of ride along toys and tricycles. . .which were in use at the time of this photograph.
A big princess bouncy house for all the kids to enjoy! And bonus the rental company set it up so that it completely blocked off exit through the driveway. I also hired a babysitter to man the bouncy house and kids though so that parents could enjoy the party as well.
I got this idea from Pinterest. I filled about 24 canning jars with pink lemonade and dumped them in a zinc  bin. On the table above was a cute pink lemonade colored bucket for tossing the lids and vintage paper straws for drinking the PL.
Refills for pink lemonade. See the straws and the bucket there on the left??
A table full of yummy treats including a GIGANTIC tray of Chic-fil-A nuggets covered in foil there at the back. . .those were THE hit of the buffet.
My usual "fancy" homemade 10-plus-hours cake LITERALLY fell into the sink the day before the party - it was a disaster to begin with - so for the first time in my history as a mom I simplified and made these strawberry cupcakes with contrasting icing and sweet flags from BHLDN.
The table and the 38 total tissue pom-poms all over the place that I made over the course of two weeks - that was the only thing I knew I'd have to do little by little because they take forever to make.

A close-up of the party favors I made: celo bags full of all the red and pink starburst candies tied with pink raffia. . .which I forgot to pass out to guests and realized only as one person was left in the house. Nice.