Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Faking It. . .1/24/12

There was a time when achieving a certain look in interior design and style of furniture was only made possible by the purchase of authentic and genuine antiques. But that time is for the most part long gone. Of course there are still pieces so unique and fabulous that somehow only generations past and countries abroad were able to produce but if you are in the market for incredible design at a cost less than an arm and a leg, you CAN find it. . .and it doesn't even require custom creation?! Need a slip covered chair? You can get it for less than what Shabby Slips, Quatrine or Longoria Collection charge. Need an incredible chippy buffet and hutch for your dining room? Check out Wisteria, Restoration Hardware, Aiden Gray, Pottery Barn or even Ballard Designs. In fact, if you are among the very fortunate, and patient, you could even find exactly what you are looking for on Craigslist, Ebay or at a local estate sale.

These days so many commercial furniture stores have dedicated portions of their inventory to reproduction items that there are times when at first blush even the pros can't tell the difference between the real deal and an impostor. Some people, like my mother for example, love the "look" of antique furniture but hate old things. For those, reproductions are a great way to go! Check out some of these fabulous options available to you in store and online. . .

Reclaimed wood console/buffet from Restoration Hardware.
Wingback chair upholstered in vintage French grain sack from Wisteria.
French daybed from Wisteria.
Bench upholstered in antique French grain sack - comes in red and blue from Wisteria.
French bistro table - reproduction from Aiden Gray Home.
Daybed/Bench in Hemp from Aiden Gray Home.
Bench from Aiden Gray Home. I love the cushion on this!
Chest from Wisteria. This would make a great bedside table.
As would this painted chest, also from Wisteria.
Swedish armoire from Wisteria.
Painted armoire from Wisteria Collection.
Starburst armoire from Wisteria.
Gorgeous painted and chippy dining room table.
Custom upholstered chair from Wisteria.
This beautiful impostor would look lovely in a bedroom and/or study.
Why am I already picturing this Wisteria chair in my bedroom and bathroom??
This lantern might cost thousands in an antique store but you can find it online for under $300.
Are all these lights reproduction??. . .I double dare you to know the difference. . .

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