Sunday, January 15, 2012

Break Time's Over. . .1/15/12

It has been brought to my attention that my break time from blogging on La Vie Abondante is over. I knew it was time to come back to my beloved blog but the truth is my friends that it was never inspiration that I was lacking but rather time. This past season has been an extremely busy one but a joke in comparison to what lies ahead. God knows what we can and cannot handle and among other things, I was grappling with a very attractive and tangible opportunity to start a company with a close friend that ultimately I decided was not in the right time. That said, here is as taste of what is happening in my life presently and what you can expect to be seeing from me in the coming weeks and months now that we are back:
  • Organization and de-cluttering (but of course! It IS the new year after all?!)
  • Photographs and details about my first solo interior design project for which I was hired this past August - part of why I fell off the map
  • Lots of wedding ideas, bridal showers, images and design inspiration (my brother is engaged and I am also wedding planning for a friend that is actually LIVING in our home right now, yes, you read that correctly)
  • Baby shower and baby room design, inspiration and planning (not for myself)
  • Lots of new recipes that go along with great tablescapes for entertaining - tables for two, four, six and up to ten!!
  • Birthday party stylings
  • DIY home projects
  • Inspiration from antique shows, local fairs and markets, stores, interior design and hopefully much much more!!
My goal and promise this year is to give you at least five posts a month and depending on time and material, perhaps more. I can only tell you that I appreciate your reading this teensy tiny little blog that is merely a blip in the blogospere!! To La Via Abondante. . .here's to 2012!! To living the Abundant Life!!!

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