Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?? PART 2. . .9/1/11

Continuing with our "tablescapes" theme, I have created a second option for a dinner party/guests as requested by some of our readers. The first one was a table for four people and it was simpler, lighter. Fresh. More Provencal; more french country.

The following tablescape is all about COLOR!! It would be perfect as shown here for a day time brunch/lunch or could easily be transformed into something more festive for an evening affair by simply adding small glass or mercury containers with votives scattered across the table. I would personally use this type of tablescape for an evening dinner party because I like the "sexiness" of color at night (feels very Moroccan) while preferring a softer more muted ambiance for day.

Now, as a disclaimer, let me say that this table setting was NOT in preparation for an actual dinner. I prepared this tablescape with a combination of my own tabletop items and ones from my FAVORITE home decor store in ALL of Houston, Olivine. AND another disclaimer, I'd like to say that I pulled this together in about 10 minutes and because it is HOTTER than blazes outside right now I didn't go "above and beyond" by adding serve ware and tall glasses or silverware. . .in retrospect, I probably should have done so to give you a true vision of what this tablescape would look like if completed but consider these photos a starting point wherein you can add your own serve ware and tabletop items. I WILL however at the end of this blog tell you what I would have personally added and how YOU can make this EXACT table setting EVEN better with MORE ideas!!
A full-on view from my deck. The table and chairs are my own.
An aerial view of the lovely and wildly colorful table setting! I love how bright it all is!!
These Melamine plates and bowls are from Olivine. They are virtually indestructible, dishwasher safe and ideal for outdoor entertaining!! Plates - $17, bowls, $13.95 - what a steal!! And those gorgeous bright green apples? Nope, not Granny Smith - they are candles!! $5.75 each. How lovely would they be lit up at night while people wait to be seated with a cocktail in hand? :)
Here is a different plate color option. There are TONS of colors and patterns to be seen at Olivine. Here, I used three orange table settings and three yellow because I love the way the colors pop against the table runner.
These adorable wicker-cased glass cups are only $7!! The chargers are my own and I love them! I use them for everything!! I found them at Nutcracker Market last year. The wrought iron vase is Aiden Gray and is only $63. It comes with a glass insert but I removed it for photographing purposes. The sunflowers were $9.99 at H.E.B.
So cute and colorful!!! The bright table runner is an antique I found a couple of years back. One day I want to turn it into a long lumbar pillow for a bright Anthropologie-esque sofa but today it is merely a table runner :)
These festive napkins are $24 for the set of 4 and the napkin rings are only $26.50 for the set of 4 too! The napkin rings don't come in varying colors as shown here. I took two separate sets and mixed and matched for this tablescape.
These gorgeous antiqued candlesticks are such a fun addition to any table, indoors or out and when they aren't on your table, use them just about anywhere in your home! During the day, I like to leave them candle-less but at night some candles would really create a lovely and romantic mood. The tall candlestick is $90 and the short one is $95.
A different view :)

There you have it! A second tablsescape - a table for six. To make this table setting EVEN better, take about 6 simple glass, mercury, or even small paper containers and fill them with votive candles. Distribute them evenly across the table, between serve ware, down the center or wherever you can find some free space. I would also use a combination of some pretty pewter platters and some simple glass serving pieces for the food. The reason is that a table this colorful calls for a colorful meal - perhaps some fresh corn with pretty parsley garnish atop, a bright spinach salad with red strawberries and feta cheese, some fresh sauteed snap peas with lemon wedges as a garnish, maybe some pink salmon smattered with fresh mango salsa and some roasted sweet potatoes and herbs. Place the most colorful items in glass serve ware so that your guests can see what's in the bowl - this way it almost doubles as table decor!! Things like the main entree can be placed on a platter. Hope this tablescape was a good one for you!! I LOVED creating it and want to say. . .

A BIG THANK YOU to Olivine and Cathy for providing the plates, bowls, apples, napkins, napkin rings, glasses, candlesticks and the vase for this beautiful tablescape. I so appreciate your friendship and your trust in creating this table setting. Thanks for allowing us to use all your beautiful housewares to share this small vision of entertaining guests.

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