Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fully Grown. . .9/15/11

Who among us doesn't remember that cute little girl with her blonde ringlet curls and lisp in the movie E.T.: Extra Terrestrials? Well, that was 1982. Now in 2011, after years of hard-partying, short-lived marriages, punk rock style and hot pink hair flubs, that actress, Drew Barrymore, has emerged as a major player in Hollywood. Although she isn't new on the scene and she's definitely not playing the role of ingenue anymore, the star has reinvented her self and her style in a classic, sexy and impeccable manner. When I saw the actress, film director, screenwriter and producer in a 16-page fashion spread in this month's Vogue magazine, I immediately tore the pages to share with you. Miss Barrymore looks amazing!! She is nothing if not elegant, ethereal and oh-so-uptown. May I also say that if you have not received your "fashion bible" in the mail yet, you need to pick up the September issue right away. It is chock full of amazing photographs that in my opinion are more artistic than much of the so-called artwork hanging in our modern museums.

I have always viewed fashion as art. It requires vision and forward-thinking creativity; clean lines, symmetry and a true understanding of the modern woman. In these photos Drew Barrymore is absolutely inspired, and the clothing she models. . .works of art.
This emerald green Emilio Pucci gown looks red-carpet ready and the color plays so well with her fiery tresses.
Elegant in hot pink Lanvin Paris.
This is sooooo incredibly sexy and sleek!! I love the way velvet and lace, two very soft and ladylike fabrics, look masculine and feminine at the same time here. . .leave it to the genius of Tom Ford ;)
And would you really expect anything less than perfection from Ralph Lauren? I never do and similarly, he never disappoints. Look at the flow and light airy-ness of this gown.
Barrymore strikes a fierce pose for Oscar de la Renta.
I LOVE this gown because I would absolutely wear it! The color is INSANE!! That is the most beautiful deep red I've ever laid eyes on and the neckline is fabulous because you need no other jewelry and it increases the volume taking the dress from "fancy-maxi" to the Academy Awards.
The outfit is exquisite and divine. . .the come-hither look? Dangerous! This channels old Hollywood to me, the age of Marlene Deitrich, Greta Garbo, and Barbara Stanwyck.
Carolina Herrera's all-time muse is Renee Zellwegger but I must say this Asian/Kimono-inspired gown looks custome-made for Barrymore.
It takes a certain attitude to pull off this Sherpa-sleeved coat by Etro; someone with East coast attitude and West Coast spirit. Barrymore has both.
Lovely and demure in Valentino.
A normal woman might look boxy and silly in this Prada coat. Not Barrymore. . .is it because her perfect scarlet manicure matches her coat belt so flawlessly? ;)
If there is such a thing as Utopia. . .this is their uniform.
A comely Barrymore in Chanel. An infallible collaboration.
And speaking of Barbara Stanwyck. . .
Not many people can pull off a mustard colored suit. . .maybe a pimp ;)

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