Monday, August 29, 2011

What Do You Keep. . .8/29/11

Below are some images of seven beautiful ideas and designs for cupboards and cabinets that I have borrowed from designers and design bloggers that I read and admire. The sole purpose of sharing them with you is to illustrate just how many ways one piece of furniture can be utilized. . . you can bring in color, or keep it muted; you can place it in a kitchen, a dining room, a living room or even a bedroom as I did with mine. It can house stoneware, silver, family photos and frames, treasured books or even seashells. . .the only limitation is your imagination, and dimensions of course. Take a look at these beautiful images and if you've got a great idea for a cuppoard/cabinet that you'd like to share, email it in!!
A beautiful cupboard with white serve ware and a playful Tiffany blue painted bead board as a backdrop. It really makes all the white pop!
This is from Cote de Texas. It is blogger Joni's living room and IT IS fabulous!!
I love this antique piece! Keeping the doors open and housing different sizes of stoneware and silver makes it look austere and interesting.
This is by a decorator in California. Hers displays pretty plates and porcelain.
An image from Gianetti Designs. I loooove it and I LOVE the cabinet!! What I wouldn't do to steal this and put it in my kitchen! I especially love the chippy interior.
The height of this piece makes it unique in my opinion. Although the interior and exterior are monochromatic here, it's never boring because it is offset by the gray tones inside the cabinet and the black/gray floors. Beautiful.
For the fun girly girl in all of us, THIS cabinet will bring a smile to your face. I can't decide what I love best? The bright pink interior color? The grayish/brown exterior? The chicken wire? The pouffy tassle? The GORGEOUS silver inside?!! It's ALL fabulous from A to Z. This is the type of piece that I'd come back to look at when I need a pick me up ;)

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