Monday, August 1, 2011

UPDATE. . .8/1/11

Two things I want to share with you this morning:

1) I'm working on the second dinner party table setting and then will post a few options for you all - indoor and outdoor though I recognize the heat makes life a little insufferable for outdoor dining. . .maybe it's for the fall or for a rare breezy Houston summer night ;)

2) I have been asked to decorate a home!! A friend has recently purchased an older home in the Briargrove area and is in need of renovations and post-renovations decor and has asked me to do the job. I'm very excited and looking forward to it. It started a few weeks back but as of today (literally) things got "hot", and by that I mean, INSANELY BUSY out of nowhere?!! I met several contractors in the last few weeks but the floors were sanded and refinished and completed yesterday and the painting starts tomorrow. . .which meant I had to use the very very little time I had while my son was at soccer camp to meet with the owner and the painter to put up paint samples, view, select and move forward. I spent about an hour and change at the house doing that, counting up all the holes in the ceiling where I needed to buy new light fixtures, counting the cabinets and drawers for knobs and pulls and measuring rooms for rugs. Whew!! Looooong morning and day!! I spent any and all extra time there after today on the phone back and forth with contractors, owners and such and then stole moments to flip through catalogs for ordering my lighting while cooking my kids' dinner with the other hand. . .I'll keep you updated as we go :)

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