Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?? PART 1. . .8/10/11

I promised you photos of table settings and while I have not been able to set up very many lately and photograph even less, here is at least one tablescape to whet your palette and get you all thinking about how to make your next dinner a simple and decorative affair all your own. So here is the first setting: A table for four.

The following table setting is an easy and fast one to pull together. . .trust me. . .I know!! Not long after you asked me to show you some table settings for dinner parties we had guests over on a Sunday night and unfortunately the afternoon prior to their arrival turned into one task after the other and before I knew it, I had ZERO time left!! I ended up running to the grocery store less than an hour before they were expected. I threw together a simple and quite scrumptious dinner, set it to cook, had my husband slicing cheeses and fruit for the hors d'oeuvres plate and whipped up this table in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES!!!! LITERALLY! If I can do it, you can too!

Fortunately I was already thinking about table decor while at the grocery store check out line so I swung by the floral department to check out some options. As I looked upon gorgeous stems in every color (and not really sure what I wanted my table to look like at this point either) I reached for what is usually considered the "garnish" of floral arrangements, not the focal point - baby's breath. It seemed sweet, light and summery so a $2.99 bouquet of baby's breath it was!! Voila!! I loooooove how my quick and easy table turned out and even though it was not an intended grouping to photograph for you as a dinner party design, it's a good one in my opinion because it's meant to demonstrate that having guests over can be 1) simple, 2) quick and easy, 3) inexpensive and 4) chic.
I have 12 of these wicker chargers so I took 4 of them and laid them over an antique linen I purchased at Round Top two years ago. I used my "daily" plates over the chargers but paired them with off white vintage napkins I found at another antique fair. TIP: don't be afraid to mismatch linens at at table. I've even used a different colored napkin for each guest before.
These are my Butler's Pantry dinner plates and salad plates. My lacy tea-colored linen napkins atop.
A close-up of the silver. The forks are our every day ones but the steak knives are ones we received for our wedding. I have never ever used them. . .in fact, I accidentally found them a few days back when cleaning out a drawer in our butler's pantry and remembered them that day! I liked that they were a different color than the tablecloth.
I used an empty Ball Jar as a vase for the baby's breath. Also, I like to sometimes save clear wine bottles, wash and peel off the labels. For tonight's table I filled one with cold water instead of using a regular pitcher.
Here's a different angle of the table. These wine glasses are my FAVORITES!!! I rarely use them because they are incredibly fragile (I broke one while setting the table) but I love how dainty and casual they are. . .the perfect finishing touch for my simple table.


Anonymous said...

Emily, I love your plates, they are so beautiful!!! Might I ask where you got them??? :)

Emily Kelley said...

Absolutely!! They are Lenox Butler's Pantry and you can find them at macy's. I mixed and matched the patterns to make them more interesting. Thanks so much. Best of luck!