Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A French Chateau in Houston: Part 2. . .8/2/11

This is what the French chateau in Houston looks like today. It's a sad empty place but full of promise, charm, history and authenticity. It's a daunting remodel for a buyer there's no doubt about it but if you are up for the task and can use this kind of space, (including a ballroom!!) contact Diane Kingshill at Martha Turner (713-248-4900).
Behind that staircase there is another one that leads down to a spectacular basement!! It smelled a little damp in the chateau when I visited but to be inside this masterpiece was inspiring. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour with ideas of how to design, decorate and utilize each room. . .I'd be forced to have several more children and teach them to sing Austrian folk songs. . .
LOTS of work. . .
A beautiful sitting room/nook. . .well, one of many.
This is the ballroom.
Here's the way down to the basement I mentioned and this is sort of right when you walk through the front door.
There are probably a million uses for this narrow room which happens to be directly across from the ballroom.

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