Monday, July 11, 2011

An American Institution. . .7/11/11

Only Ralph Lauren could cinch a sequined couture gown with a weathered leather belt and a silver and turquoise buckle, trade five inch heels for cowboys boots and make it look insanely chic. He is: The Man.
He's the foremost of America's designers and with more than 300 stores worldwide and forty four years of experience in the business, Ralph Lauren is arguably more than a household name - he's an institution. In fact, so formidable a designer is the Polo man that Oprah herself chose him and his Telluride, Colorado ranch as one of the locations for one of her last interviews in the recently completed 25th season of her namesake talk show.

O said she'd always driven by the 17,000 acre ranch and wondered what it looked like beyond those rustic gates. She (and her viewers thankfully) finally found out when she spent the day (and night) at Double RL Ranch (the double RL stands for his initials and wife of 47 years, Ricky Lauren's) with Ralph and his family. Here's a peek into the fabulous ranch!!
Ralph and Ricky Lauren at Double RL Ranch
The main entrance into the 17,000 acre ranch voted as one of the 10 most expensive ranch's in the world by Forbes magazine in 2005.
A view of the sprawling and breathtaking grounds.
I mean, seriously?! Ralph himself on his fabulous jeep. This man emanates style and cool.
One of the many family/living rooms throughout the ranch's houses.
A den. It's so incredibly and perfectly styled!!
A bedroom. Who but Ralph Lauren would hang concho belts as decor??
I think this is RL's version of a mudroom. . .
A hearth for a hearty breakfast.
There are several "guest" houses on the property and it's doubtful they are all used at once but I love that RL doesn't hold back on decorating any of the spaces. . .they are each artfully styled and in sync with the rest of the Navajo inspired ranch.
Another breakfast spot? Maybe in a guest cabin?
A second view of the incredible den. I can just imagine the whole Lauren family sitting there. . .maybe Dylan brought sacks of candy from her stores? Maybe everyone is perfectly dressed in Polo garb for an evening of s'mores and games or cocktails and hors d' oeuvres??
When O took viewers across the ranch's grounds, she showed us these incredible and large tee pees that Ralph has around the ranch. They look rather small but they are actually guest rooms. . .
Look inside these tee pees!!!
They are amazing and deceptively spacious!! I love how RL incorporates the American flag into everything despite the fact that he is from an immigrant family.
This barn and it's dining area are spectacular! I can hardly envision anything more prefect than this at a ranch. I think Ralph Lauren is where he is today because everything he does is truly inspired. He's never had a "bad season", he's a family man whose priorities are seemingly in the right place and whatever his method is. . .it has never failed him yet.
An outdoor haven for some afternoon iced tea. . .
. . .or a summer dip in this serene lake.
Even camping in an RV looks cool when Mr. Lauren does it. . .

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am just catching up on your blog, crazy summer! I looove this post on Ralph Lauren and his lifestyle. When I took Fashion Design in high school (yes, long ago) I acquired a nice book on him and his homes at that time. I love how he describes that when he designs he does it for an imaginary woman he invents in his mind, one with a certain lifestyle. Thanks for this post Emily, it was great!

Love, Vick