Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper and Lampshades. . .6/6/11

In Italia everything is an expression of art. From the food to the gardens; not to mention the millions of precious pieces of artwork including sculpture, frescoes, paintings, architecture, and ruins that make the country one of the most breathtaking tourist attractions in the world. One of the loveliest things I noticed, particularly in Venice, was the amount of shops that showcased spectacular half shades. Check these out lamp shades below. The detail is so fine and they are so delicate. I loved them!
Look at the beautiful monogram half shades above. And the mini sconce shades. . .
These above and below are more along the lines of classic Italian. . .made with Fortuny fabrics.
Another oh-so-fine product I couldn't stay away from was the Italian decorative paper. I even stood in one store watching a shop owner create one of these gorgeous boxes. The precision and care was impeccable. . .no wonder a small box cost a small fortune!
This small notes and enclosure cards were just too delicate and beautiful to pass up. Perhaps some of you will see them in your next birthday gift. . .or maybe I'll keep them all to myself and stare at them from time to time ;)
These Italian hand and dish towels were amazing!! This particular store in Venice (which has chains in other Italian cities, such as Florence) is called Il Papiro. In the three days we were in Venice I visited this store 5 times. . .not to buy, just to stare and admire.
There's just something about paper: the weight of it, the beauty of finely constructed things like these. . .take a peek at the beautiful frames, pencil holders, file folders, etc. Just beautiful.

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