Monday, June 13, 2011

Obsessions. . .6/13/11

I found this beautiful antique buffet and hutch above at an antique fair two years ago. It was not only the bluish/gray paint that initially caught my eye but the delicate scalloped edging of the shelves as well. I also really loved the vertical bead board and the doors. Beautiful it was but space for it I had not so I passed it up knowing full well that I needed that piece like I needed another hole in my head.

An hour later, I found myself back at this same dealer. . .standing in front of this piece. . .staring at it. . .tilting my head at it. . . examining it from every angle. . .taking a photograph of it with my cell phone. . .trying my hardest to imagine a place for it in my home. I couldn't! "Buffets and hutches are for kitchens," I kept thinking. "They are for platters and kitchen-ware on them". . .right? Hmmmm. . .maybe not.

After contemplating it for nearly 15 minutes, I walked away for the second time. On my way out of the fair a few hours later, I wandered back to the dealer. It was still there, which was shocking actually considering how darling and well-priced this piece was. I took this as a sign that I was meant to be its owner ;) So I called my husband, as if he cared, and asked him what he thought that I should do. He sighed and eventually asked me the question I'd been wrestling with all day: "Where are you going to put it?" Blerg! We had no room in our breakfast area; we already had a HUGE buffet and hutch in our dining room too. Where would I put it?? "I don't know," I said to him. "I can't think of a single place for it but I do know that I love it. And I mean I really love it and if I leave it, I'll regret it. I'll find a place for it." I hung up knowing three things: 1) that somewhere on the other end of the phone line my patient husband was rolling his eyes thinking, "Here she goes again. . . " 2) when I think and think and think (nay obsess) about something like this it always means that I genuinely and truly love it and 3) I still didn't have a clue as to where this rather large piece would live. Didn't matter. "I'll take it," I said.

When I got it home, it sat in my living room for three whole days. Aside from still not knowing where this lovely piece would go, I discovered that it was EXTREMELY heavy. Real antiques tend to not be made of plywood ya know. . .

Having nowhere but nowhere to put it on the first floor, I decided that it was ultimately going to live upstairs and if I couldn't make a proper home for it now, it'd stay somewhere awkward until we one day moved to a home where it had a special dedicated place all its own. In ended up in my guest bedroom and I love it there!! Buffets and hutches are not just for kitchens I decided. . .and if they are, then I'm breaking all the rules and making up new ones. P.S. - I also wear white/cream after Labor Day! So, here is my lovely buffet and hutch in our guest room. I'm still in the process of playing around with decorations and styling it - nothing on there is permanent except the basket of flowers and the books. . .

As the moral of this story, let me say this: my mantra has ALWAYS ALWAYS been to never buy anything big that you don't have a place for. . .I even follow that mantra when it comes to most small items as well, but every now and again you come across something you really love and you simply must make an exception. So if you love, love, love it (and I mean capital "L") and if it's well-priced, don't pass it up friend. . .trust me that when you do, you regret it deeply. Bring it home.

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