Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making a Statement. . .6/16/11

No one makes a statement with chunky jewelry quite like Olivia Palermo, New York socialite and reality star. For starters she is alarmingly beautiful, nay stunning, so I'm certain a trash bag and a necklace made of macaroni would look fabulous on her and end up starting a trend, but beyond that her name has become virtually synonymous with high style and more importantly, the statement necklace. Here are some of her stand out pieces.
Soft make-up and a demure top keep this harsh necklace classy and not overwhelming. TIP: It's important to remember that when getting gussied up to go somewhere, throwing on a statement piece means keeping other things toned down. Miss Palermo is the perfect example of knowing how to pair jewelry.
Clothing? Perfection. Hair? Perfection. Jewelry? Perfection. TIP: Trying something that wouldn't necessarily go together at first glance can actually create the perfect marriage of eclectic and unexpected, but make sure there isn't an over stimulation effect meaning that if someone were looking at you they couldn't decide where to look first, it's overdone. The idea is that the entire outfit feel seamless and effortless. Again, applause to the style maven above.
I am coveting this entire look!! Keeping the colors on her boat necked tee and necklace the same allowed her freedom to throw in a ruffled topper and not appear overly styled ;)

Here are a few more images to whet your tongue. . .and the best part is that the trend that started a few years back only seems to be gaining steam rather than waning so GO! Go invest in a few pieces but choose wisely so you can take each piece from summer to spring to fall. . .
Not sure where to shop for "statement" necklaces like the ones above? Try J. Crew, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Charming Charlie, Francesca's, and many many more. . .I like to scour antique shows sometimes for a fabulous vintage finds now and again. Here are some of my own pieces that I love. . .there are a few more in my wardrobe. . .I do love fun jewelry!!
This is a new one I can't seem to stop wearing!! I wore three times in one weekend with three different outfits. LOVE it!!

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