Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Children's Spaces. . .6/15/11

My home is, in my opinion, serene. It's monochromatic; simple; clutter-free. So when it came time to decorate my children's bedrooms, I got a little more creative - still staying within the confines of my own style of design. My daughter's room is sweet perfection to me, even if there are still a few things left to complete the look. My son's room is not overly styled either. It is simple, boyish and most importantly, theme-free.

Here are some photographs of fabulous children's rooms/spaces that I've collected over the last couple years. . .I might need to become a fan of Pinterest because for the life of me I cannot remember where I found these pictures?!
Love the bunk beds built into the wall. Love the bead board. Love the submarine nautical lights in the bunk. This is a great idea for space-saving too! Check out the drawers at the bottom.
The table and chairs in this photo are GORGEOUS!! They're probably antique but with a natural wood canvas this look can be easily created. The large chalk board makes this bedroom one to covet!! And the green walls take a bedroom from boring to vibrant!
Here's another bunk bed built into the wall. . .looks like bead board is the way to go?!
This little princess room is fun, modern and classic. The ladder has a chippy, antique look while the desk and chair are modern and new. I love how the colors are light but the decals/painting on the bunk and wall add whimsy :)
What better way to house a large brood of children than in a large bunk house like this one?? The drapes can be pulled back for privacy. This might be my plan for grand kids some day ;)
This photo I'm pretty sure I found from a home listed on HAR. I think I saved it because the crib was so divine and the children's drop leaf table was unlike anything I'd ever seen in a kids room. I didn't know they made those table in kiddy size?? Where can I get one?!!!!
This room is so simple. The canvas is blank, clean and white but a splash of colorful pillows and a banner above the bed and across the room, it's cute and creative. I especially love that this room is non-committal. This furniture is gender free so if you grow tired of the bedding/decor or want to move a different child into this room, changing it up is as easy as pie!

If YOU have a great kids room, email a photo to thekelleys9305@aol.com and we'll feature it on La Vie Abondante.

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