Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Couture and Shopping!!. . .6/7/11

It is inevitable to want to shop until you drop in Italy. There are beautiful things at every turn of every corner. Not necessarily something you couldn't find in the states so it brought up the debate of whether it was worth it to spend the money when the European exchange rate for Americans is so unfavorable and the issue of lugging everything back home relevant. . .I did however make a small stop in honor of my impending birthday (at the time) to my pal Louis Vuitton in Venice ;) That was worth stuffing in my luggage.
This handbag was divine!! I was in love with it!! It felt like the perfect summer handbag but alas I left her in Firenze :( I'm a little (or a lot) regretful that I didn't take it. I loved the colors and the woven straw. The store I found it in was just gorgeous too!!
A precious display of beautiful finds.
This store in Florence was incredible!! Alas it was closed and we were late for dinner with some people we met in the city so I had to take a quick picture through the glass (as with most everything since store owners aren't too keen on their things being photographed) and run!!
At every turn I stopped to take a picture. . .my husband and our new friends were a little frustrated (and starved). . .but it was all for YOU reader!! I couldn't NOT share this beautiful sight!! Look at that ruffled linen chair!!! I could die!!! And that floor!!
I have a little boy and a little girl so I could not resist the incredible children's clothing in Italy!!
Are you kidding me??
That might be one of the finest looking bassinet's I've ever beheld.
If I could dress my kids this way every day I swear you to I would. what darling little princesses and princes these would make.
This store was gigantic (even by American standards) but certainly by Italian standards. It was like a museum. . .the ceiling was covered in frescoes and the clothing. . .let's just say your hands had better be incredibly clean or you are buying the clothes you touch in here.
Orange is my favorite color so it's no wonder this grouping caught my eye.

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