Friday, April 1, 2011

Wonderful Warrenton. . .4/1/11

For the first time since I started attending the Round Top Antique Show years and years ago, I skipped Marburger Farm. That's right. I skipped the high end, thieving prices of the famed Spring antique show and went straight to some of my favorite smaller shows along Highway 237 and Warrenton.

For any of you who have never been to Round Top, it is worth noting that the dealers who sell high-priced items at Marburger Farm, come to Warrenton the week before and buy up the good stuff so they can hike up the price the following weeks at their own booths at Marburger. That doesn't mean there aren't tons of goodies to be found in the fields of Warrenton still!!

So, Warrenton is what I would describe as the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" place mixed in with smaller scaled items. Marburger would be the place to go if you were looking for larger pieces for an emptier home - as it is though, I have begun accumulating things and storing them in cabinets for our next home because the one we are in now is, in my opinion, at capacity?! So, here are some of the goodies I found while there with a friend yesterday. And trust me, there were more than a handful of things I wanted to bring home and would have (the prices were a steal) but with five car seats and a love seat my girlfriend bought, we could barely get in the car ourselves!!

With our newly redone yard, this galvanized metal laundry basin was perfect for storing beer, sodas and water during outdoor parties. And I love that it's on wheels!!
This metal planter is super heavy but perfect to use for flowers or for the handful of rosemary and basil herbs my sweet friend recently gifted me as a thank you :)
Don't know if I've mentioned that I'm taking a sewing class but I am (I'll post photos of my recent project) but I saw this Jacquard fabric (4 1/2 yards of it to be exact) and thought it was so beautiful! It's from the late 60's and I LOVE the silver thread!! It's so Rachel Ashwell and I can't wait to turn it into a tablecloth for my daughter's first birthday next week! My friend and husband hated it but I like to go for the unexpected eclectic something ;)
This vintage embroidered green linen tablecloth was hanging on a rack and caught my eye. For $12 could I really say no?? And though wrinkled and unwashed, it's in perfect condition!!
I don't usually buy things that aren't for the purpose of home at antique shows but I found these little embroidered sachets for storing jewelry or whatever and brought two home along with this super fun bauble!! This necklace is such a statement when on and it's super light!!
This was another non-home decor purchase - a Spanish vintage leather purse. I have A LOT of things like it but that's just one of my favorite looks - that vintage hippie style mixed with a more polished look. I also found a white wool sequined cardigan from 1940 at a vintage seller. It was spotless, fully lined and didn't have a single sequin missing. That I sent off to the cleaners straight away so it isn't pictured. Sorry :(
This wooden cross just made me so happy. I collect antique rosaries so this was sort of in line with that love I have for things that have a "Catholic" feel to them. . .despite the fact that I'm not Catholic. . .it's from Mexico.
And this antique camper's stool was just darling for my son's room or even for him to use outside. The seat doesn't really match his room but I was thinking of redoing it with either a khaki/grey linen or with a contrasting fabric that matched his Serena & Lily bedding. You'll just have to wait and see. . .

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