Sunday, April 3, 2011

Round Top Round Up. . .4/3/11

Here are some more photos of Warrenton and Round Top. . .things that caught my eye. I saw much much more but sadly my camera passed on during this trip. . .I got a good few years out of this last point and shoot though. . .
The Japanese newspaper pots were fabulous!! I loooooved the prints and was very close to bringing them home but literally did not have a space for them. . .much like most of what I saw there this past week.
Where else but Round Top would one find an array of colorful and unique vintage cowboy boots?? There were literally hundreds of them in rows!! Beautiful.
This was just darling I thought. This little one was enjoying her wagon ride along side her puppy but I definitely felt sorry for mom and grandma having to pull them all day. It was quite warm by noon.
These window valances/cornices were gorgeous!! My girlfriend and I debated taking them for when our daughters have big girl rooms. . .wouldn't they be spectacular above two twin beds???!!
So simple and so lovely. . .
I didn't even notice the orange milk bucket until I got home and uploaded the photos (that's my favorite color) but the galvanized one's were just perfect for nearly anything. . .and insanely cheap at $5 a pop! Well, if you bought 4.
Milk buckets.
I thought these were incredible wall decor for my son's room and they were in mint condition but for the time being I wasn't in the mood to change up his room. . .which I love.
My pregnant girl friend, shopping with me from Houston, was in love with this antique crib. After a second we calmed ourselves out of taking it home - simply not suitable for use as an "actual" crib ;)
Here's another thing I loved - specifically the coral color of the painting and the clown was pretty amazing too.
This was the painting owner's little booth. She was also serving homemade complimentary peach iced tea - which really hit the spot on a warm day!
Sweetest little apron! It was made from pieces of vintage lace and trim. I have a true love for aprons but I, amazingly, didn't take this one home?!

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