Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rachel Ashwell in NYC. . .4/17/11

Unless you've been living under a rock, or have never visited my blog, you should know about Rachel Ashwell. I love her designs, her style. . .well, let's just call a spade, a spade: I love all things shabby chic! So, when my husband and I were in New York in early February of this year (sorry I'm JUST NOW posting this) I popped into her SoHo store as I always do when I visit. And as always, it was a fabulous feast for the eyes. Here are a few images I shot while chatting up the employees about their boss' latest designs. . .

If you're ever in NYC, take a peek for yourself. . .she's at 117 Mercer Street.
I've said this before, but despite not being Catholic, I am OBSESSED with Catholic paraphernalia. . .I collect antique rosaries and I love all these statues. . .I have a beautiful stone Madonna in our study at home too. These are particularly beautiful. I love the colors.
A larger snapshot. . .the eclectic chairs and the table and the adorable white slipcover and skirt on the chair to the left are all so cozy and sweet!! Even the rug. . .I'm loving the floral.
If this bedside table had fit in my luggage I PROMISE I would have taken it home with me!! Gorgeous!!! If you click on the photograph and enlarge it you will be able to see the incredible patina.
I thought this chair had nice clean lines and just looked super comfy. I think too that the pillow and throw make it less "office decor".
There is NOTHING in this picture I am not in love with. For starters, the tablecloth (retails for $595) was spectacular. The Belgian linen was so fine and the powder blue color: perfect. Love the slipcovered chairs, the chippy green bench, the candlesticks, the china, serve ware, sideboard, chandelier, candelabras, art, etc.
This picture is a little dark but it's a long view from the front of the store to the back. The store is small, consists of mostly bedding in the back, a few tables, individual chairs, a sofa or two and some small accessories scattered about. . .three of which I did pack up to take home with me.
This is a 180 degree view from where I was standing in the previous image to the front door. This table is so great though I'm not a huge fan of her sofas. . . or at least not the one pictured here. It feels too modern beneath the slipcover. . .too "severe" for the shabby chic style.
These silver woven baskets are so pretty. They are a store staple of Ms. Ashwell's (she always has them every time I go). I didn't need them when I was there but now I do so next time I am DEFINITELY bringing a pair home for my daughter's room.
I was so into this velvet sofa. It's very deep and so comfortable - great for a room where people watch television.
Her inspiration board was fantastic! There were several tributes to the Queen (of England - Rachel is British), florals, fabric swatches, and a couple of vintage party dresses. It inspired me even!! If you weren't aware that Rachel Ashwell is a frequent Round Top shopper, it would only take visiting her store and/or website to learn it - she has several pieces that you would find in the tents at Marburger. . .one piece she mass produces now is even named "The Warrenton"!!

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