Monday, April 11, 2011

Prepping for the Party. . .4/11/11

For my first CHILD'S first birthday, I made the fondant cake (which took me 10 hours) as well as a few small things but everything, in terms of decor, party favors, etc. was purchased from an actual store. You would think that with two kids now I have less time. . .and you'd be right, but one thing remains in tact, whether there's time or not, I love, love, love to do things for my family, even if it takes copious amounts of time, and this is especially true for my children. Plus, let's face it, it's a big part of who I am and of how I demonstrate love. So, for my daughter, Tess Ryan's, first birthday I made: the fondant cake, the sugar cookie favors, the back yard banner, the bird display, and the birds by hand, the centerpiece flower arrangement, and as my first big sewing project: THE TABLECLOTH!! Those will all be shown in the next few birthday posts but here are the sweet treats momma made for her beautiful baby girl :) I love her so very much!!
Rolled out sugar cookies with pink and white icing. From start to finish takes about 2-3 hours, not including the 6-8 hours it takes to wait for the icing to dry hard so you can place it in the favor baggies.
Here are a couple of pictures of the end result. I used regular cellophane baggies from Michael's Craft Store and tied them with generous amounts of pink raffia. The tags were actually cut up leftovers from the birthday invitations - I had to order at least 50 online but only used less than half. . .each invitation had three photos so with about 8 or 9 I was able to add a personal touch to each party favor :)

This is her birthday invitation :) You can see now how I made the tags right??
Here is the start of the big birthday cake. I cut 60 small, 20 medium and 12 large white fondant hearts for the cake. I didn't end up using them all. . .Wilton White Fondant is relatively easy to use as compared to other brands. I used an economy sized bucket of pink fondant from a professional cake supply store I frequent. Those are much harder to roll out. I'm telling you my arms and shoulders were DONE!!
The cakes, precutting and layering (I took a lesson from my mom and made a 21 and up cake). The bottom cake was so perfect!!
Here's my mom helping me smooth out the bottom layer of the cake as I photograph it :)
The end result :) I found these cake toppers at Hobby Lobby but they only come in black so I painted them. This is Tess Ryan's first birthday cake. Here's Rusty's first birthday cake.
After being cut into. . .the specs at the top are from the sparklers. Because she obviously can't blow out her birthday candles, I opted for sparklers!! Turned out so beautiful!!! See below :)
Happy Birthday bebe!! Te amo mi sol :)

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