Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!!. . .4/13/11

My daughter's first birthday came and went it seems. I did my very best and worked very hard the days before her birthday party (which fell on her actual birthday) to do as much as possible in terms of preparation so that I could dedicate more time during the party to her. And despite the fact that, apart from cooking, everything was accomplished according to said plan, two things got in the way of that: 1) My sweet princess was the guest of honor and there was literally a line of people waiting to hold our happy girl (got to the point I felt I needed to make an appointment) and 2) No matter how much or how little you do before or during a party, hosting in your home means there's always someone or something that needs your attention. So, I did get to spend time with my cookie, as I like to call her, but she was busy arm-hopping and being loved on all night by friends and family. . .how can I complain about that?! :) Here are a few home/decor/tabletop photographs before party pics. . .
The back yard pre-balloons and banner - which you will see in upcoming photos.
I started making these little birds months ago - there wasn't really a "theme" to her party but birds just sort of ended up being the focal decor. I snagged this gigantic tree branch from the side of the road one day (on my way to get carpool I might add), cemented it inside the galvanized zinc pot, attached vintage pink ribbon, hung the birds and some sweet gray hearts my friend bought me as a gift in Amsterdam and voila!! My drink table centerpiece was born!! That big glass jar is filled with Arnold Palmer iced tea, lemons, limes and mint leaves :)
In keeping with the bird non-theme, I found this rusted bird cage in the H.E.B FLORAL DEPARTMENT!!!! For only $20!!! I placed a flower arrangement with hydrangeas and other Spring blooms inside as the centerpiece for the food table :)
A closer look at the birds in their tree :)
The deck pre-eating. . .I also made that tablecloth as my first sewing project in my class. I was VERY proud of that. In case you hadn't noticed I went a little overboard on the "homemade" items for the party. . .I had NO time and I was ALWAYS rushed on these projects but late nights and nap times helped me get it all done.
A delicious cheese plate with fresh rosemary garnish.
A lovely and delicious tabletop view.
Some scrumptious desserts from where else. . .an Argentinean bakery!!


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