Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Transformation: Part 2. . .3/28/11

I won't say that our garden transformation was for the purpose of a party, because it wasn't. It was for our family's enjoyment, for entertaining and for participating in outdoor life. But having TWO imminent family celebrations (my husband's 35th birthday and my daughter's first) did up the ante by setting a deadline for completion. . .and thank heavens because as we all know, "home projects" can sometimes take longer than you even plan on keeping the home, am I right?

So, we transformed our sad back yard (these photographs were taken several months ago, but it all became worse with the winter freeze) into a place that we can all enjoy (until the miserable hot summer months arrive anyway). Here are some recent photographs :)

A lovely array of colorful blooms nesting on a plant stand I found in the Heights.
I've had these stone crosses for two years in a hallway closet. I knew I'd find a home for them someday. . .where better than next to two little galvanized metal pots filled with succulents :)
A corner view from the deck. I recently bought that cute fire pit at Home Depot for only $22!!
The table is bare in this photo only because I had just cleaned up outside after the party and had not returned the outdoor centerpiece to its home - usually there are three stone and galvanized metal buckets with succulents sitting there.
A nice shot of the pea gravel yard (which used to be dead grass and mud) trimmed with perfectly manicured hedges, including Japanese boxwood, which I love!! The star jasmine will grow into diamond shapes along the fence.
The deck. I'll continue to add plants and pots as I find cute ones and let that gorgeous bougainvillea grow onto the fence :)
There's my centerpiece!!
This basket of plants is on this short wall next to the garage but I like it because this is visible through my back door.
I planted all these pots myself and I'm trying really hard not to kill any plants!!
A closer look at the hedges on the side of the garage wall where lovely ivy has grown all the way up to the roof!!

So, what do you think of my new yard?? I'm so in love with it!!

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