Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garden Transformation: Part 1. . .3/9/11

I don't know why it's taken me this many years to recognize that my love language (See The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman) is Acts of Service. It makes TOTAL sense because outside of my children I don't communicate the words "I love you" to people that I love as often as I should. Rather, I show it by serving them in different ways - whether by running an errand for them, hosting their wedding AND baby showers, planning a birthday surprise, helping them address thank you notes, helping them register, having the fridge stocked with their favorite foods, cooking and baking, accompanying them to an appointment, organizing their closets, etc. I give of my time. . .and all too often, I give time I don't necessarily have, but I always serve them with my heart.

So, as I was saying, recognition of my love language dawned on me TODAY of all days?! How you might ask? Well, let me preface that by telling you that I am two weeks away from my husband's 35th birthday and four weeks away from my daughter's FIRST birthday, and because they are both Spring birthdays I decided loooong ago that we would celebrate both in our postage-stamp-sized back yard (if you'd even call it that?!). The problem there is that out backyard is hideous. I call it: "the place where plants come to die." So, in preparation for both their parties I started planning the overhaul of our yard, among other things, in October 2010!! But, with a new baby and another child whose schedule keeps me on my toes, it's hard to work on much, so after my husband sanded the deck, and I repainted it, in October, everything basically came to a halt. UNTIL about a month ago when we had someone indefinitely kill all the grass back there (it kept dying - we'd replaced it three times in as many years) and replace it with pea gravel (which my son loves because it's what they use at his school playground) . . .I then found a table and six chairs I liked. . .bought outdoor string lights, posts/stakes from Home Depot to hang them, then decided it was time for some planting, which is where we are now.

Once the yard is done, I just need to buy pots, plant flowers and plants, plan the menu, get food, drinks, plates, lights, decor, tableware, etc. . .no biggie. . .I can do all that in two weeks with a baby on my hip, right?? We'll just have to see. . .

Here are the BEFORE pictures!! Stay tuned for the redo as it continues to progress :)
This is the side plant bed. It looks a lot better in this picture than it did in person. . .trust me on that. . .we've also removed the monogram flag.
This is a view from the deck toward the garage and the driveway.
Opposite view standing at the edge of the deck by the garage.
Head on view of the deck. I built and stained those Adirondack chairs but recently gave them away.
A strange and empty curve near the garage/driveway. I think it looks so sad here :(
Another vantage point from the yard.
An aerial view of our mini yard.

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