Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Epic Party!!. . .3/27/11

For my husband's 35th birthday I planned a party that required a good bit of effort on my part. For starters, we really had to get moving on my latest home project, our back yard. Once that was taken care of (pictures to come), the food, lighting, mood music, and setting up was next. It doesn't seem like a lot to do when you list it in general terms like that but when you break it down into all the different smaller aspects - grocery shopping (at more than one place), cooking, hanging lights, planting, cleaning, hosting, etc. (all while caring for two small children - including one that is barely crawling) it can become much more complicated. I think the party turned out EXACTLY as I wanted. I dare say it was actually better than what I'd hoped for. Everyone had a great time, especially the guest of honor, and to make the weekend evenmore fabulous, we were fortunate to host two of our dear friends, John and Lindsay Wagner for the entire weekend!! We loooved it and had plenty of good laughs and memories to reminisce upon!! It was so much fun, if not completely gluttonous all weekend ;)

I hate pictures of tables where things aren't all the way set up but we had not yet brought all the food when our guests started to arrive. I was still in the kitchen hustling to put all the food onto platters!! I'm just so grateful someone thought to take a picture of what was out AT ALL! By the time I did make my way outside with the camera in my own hands, nearly all the food was gone! . . .which would explain why I tucked into a pizza that night at 2:43 a.m. ;)
Half eaten food doesn't necessarily make for an appetizing photograph but I'd kick myself if there were none at all after all the work I put into this party! It was well worth it though - I had so much fun!!
Another view. . .
I love this photo - shows a little of everything that made that little corner of the party sparkle. . .my antique clock face in the living room peeking through the window, the lighting, the great set up, the gorgeous color of my freshly planted bougainvillea that has already started growing like crazy!! Spring has sprung!!
I have three of these beautiful antique French garden spikes. I staked one in a large planter with bougainvillea and the other two flanked the steps down to the gravel. I found the hurricanes at Michael's - they fit to a tee!
At some point my camera was hijacked. This is one of many random (but creative and fun) photographs that was taken. I love it.
A rare pre-party photo of a portion of the back yard. . .
Roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes tossed with olive oil and herbs de Provence. So yum!
This was the drink station. Below was a galvanized bucket filled with ice, diet coke, and beer. We added a pitcher of water with lemon slices, a pitcher of delicious mojitos and a few long loaves of French baguettes to this this station - post picture unfortunately :( The stemless wine glasses really added something in my opinion. Find them at Cost Plus World Market for $1.99 each!
Au revoir! Happy 35th Birthday. . .love you!

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