Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love to Love Ya Baby. . .2/14/11

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope everyone celebrated the lovely-dovey day with their lovey-dovey loved ones! My husband and I celebrated it on Sunday night (the 13th) alone and then again with our kids on the actual holiday. We tend to feel that if it's about love then our kids should be part of it, no??

Anyway, as a sweet ode to this day of precocious amore, here are a few lovely St. Valentine's Day ideas (mostly from my beloved Martha Stewart) with one final love token of my own at the end ;) Maybe it's too late for this year but file it away for next year OR surprise someone you love on a random weekday. . .a special token of affection (especially a homemade one) is always sweeter when there's not a reason for it :)

Use a heart0shaped cookie cutter and a box mix of cookies! It's THAT easy!!
I'm filing this one away for next year!! It's a pre-thought card but one that will surely draw your sweetheart's attention. . .talk about picking out the perfect card!
This is adorable too! Got kids?? Take a precious photograph like this one and even send it over email to family and friends in different cities :)
This is so easy I might make some for myself this afternoon ;) Use a cookie cutter - and note: cookie shapes retain their shape better when cooking if you've let the dough sit in the fridge for at least an hour before rolling it out.
Cupcakes and cookie-cutter brownies. . .prefect combo!! Yum!!
These might be a little more complex but aren't they pretty :)
This is as easy as pie. . .use a cookie cutter in a pan when pouring the pancake batter.
Use the cookie from above and slather some ice cream in the middle. . .

This is my little project for my parents - they took their grandson (their little Valentine) to Chuck-E-Cheese but not before we made them some special cookies ;)

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