Saturday, February 5, 2011

For the Morning After. . .2/5/11

Tonight my family and I attended a dinner at one of my dearest friends' homes. She and her husband were gracious enough to host my husband and I as well as our three year old and nine month old. When I asked her what I could bring she replied, "Just yourselves."

Like me, she loves to host so I knew that meant she had everything covered. With nothing to contribute I opted for a hostess gift, but what to bring? Wine? Nope - not big winos. Flowers? A plant? Always lovely, but not appropriate considering we are experiencing freezing weather in our city right now. I decided that if she was providing dinner, I would provide breakfast.

Here's a little home project I whipped up in less than half an hour to express gratitude for our lovely invitation. Thanks for dinner LGB :)

Four mini loaves of orange cranberry loaf baking at 400 degrees. . .and a spare for home snacking ;)
A white treat box (find it at Michael's Crafts) laced with scalloped tissue paper and pink shredded paper.
Four scrumptious mini loaves (one for each member of their family).
A little note to inform our hostess of the gift's purpose doubles as a thank you note :) And a toothpick with my own family initial for some flair.
I added two pink heart-shaped cookie cutters with pink raffia and felt hearts all-knotted up completes our simple presentation.


Lindsay Wagner said...

this is the cutest thing i have EVER seen!!! and yes, i will be copying this for sure!!! post the recipe for this yummy bread!!! ;)

Emily Kelley said...

Thanks!! Here's the recipe - though I don't include the nuts.

Iglesia said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a wonderful idea...you never cease to impress me, and I thought I was very 'detallista'! So I love the challenge and that you share your wonderful ideas with us. Can I invite you all for dinner just so you can bring me great breakfast in a darling box? ;) (I would love it for the company)