Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can I Wear the Table??. . .2/19/11

Leave it to Anthropologie to come up with a stellar way of adding fresh and funky to staple home pieces!! Today as I was in search for a dress to wear to a friend's upcoming wedding I saw a very cool chair in their store but in my rush to get in and out I was forced to bypass it. So, when I came home I went online to look at it (sadly, it wasn't there) but I stumbled upon some interesting artsy home pieces and thought they were worth sharing. . .

It's always nice to open your eyes to thinks that are beautiful even if they wouldn't necessarily work fin your particular home. A chaise from the seventies might make a stale room feel eclectic and new. I believe it's all about appreciating the art and the differences. . .think of it as a lovely melting pot of furniture and design.

For me, it's true that country French and Provencal decor reign supreme but who says Ikat can't be fabulous?? Not me. I for one love it!!

This easel is super funky but it could sit in a corner of just about any styled room and fit in perfectly! Leave it bare or sit a lovely piece of artwork upon it.
I think these industrial pendant lights are so neat. They sell them everywhere and I've even seen them homemade at antique shows. I think they'd be cute in a work space, kids room, powder room or even an unexpected place. . .like your pantry!!
I like them both but the scalloped edged one above stands out a little more. . .
I'm currently decorating a home for a client and I think this lamp would suit him perfectly. It's rustic and worn but in a way that a woman wouldn't dislike. . .wouldn't you agree??
This mirror is so cool!! I love the dismembered pieces all put back together in a disheveled way. It's the colors though that make an otherwise harsh piece so soft.
This side table is too cute. I've seen it in a few places but it's one of those that can go from bedside table, to closet to family room. . .maybe all of my nine-hundred remotes could be stored in drawer number one??
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stool!! I just think it is insanely unique!! I've been looking for one for my kitchen. . .hmmm.
This industrial console is incredibly good-looking and at $398, it's a great deal too!!
Now this is more up my alley. this is the kind of thing you might find in my house. It's a coffee table but they also make a side table version. I just love the colors and the chippy distressed paint.
So, speaking of Ikat above, here are some super cool takes of Ikat patterns on your typical folding chair. Now how fun would it be to pull these chairs of a closet for a party?? Or then again, they're too pretty to keep hidden in a closet. . .you decide.

This one's my favorite ;)

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