Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is That MY Pantry???!!!. . .2/1/11

You know when you were younger and your mother said to you, "D0 as I SAY, not as I DO?" Well, that is EXACTLY what you are about to experience all over again from me. I'm ashamed to say that with all my big talk of being organized (and I truly am a freak show) I failed recently to live up to my own neurotic standards. I'm apologize. And although I'm about to make excuses, that should not be excuses but as we all know, sometimes really really are, I have a nine month old baby and a preschooler. Finding times where I can just make a mess in order to make it neat are few and far between. . .especially in places like a pantry where with my focus elsewhere 1) the youngest isn't being watched all the time and 2) the oldest is scouring the disheveled items to see what his next snack will be. But excuses are just that: excuses. So, today I saw my pantry for what it really was. . .a total disaster!!

After returning from the grocery store this morning, where I bought A LOT of stuff, there was never a more perfect time than the present to make it right. And it was fate that I should because we are in a rare freezing weather state in our city and the children and I have been sequestered to the indoors. . .so why not make good use of my imprisonment, no?So, below are before and after shots.
To be fair, the items on the ground are ones I took out of the grocery bags this morning and left on the floor before my makeover. I NEVER leave food or anything of the sort on the floor!!
A true hodge podge of a mess :(
This is a mix of what was on the shelves and what I brought home from H.E.B. Why in the world do I have so many canned goods?? We never eat them and last I checked we weren't in hurricane season??

SO, those above are the BEFORE shots.
Below are the AFTER shots. . .see the serene, organized difference??
Ahhh. . .I feel like I can breathe again :)
The plastic drawer containers beneath the shelves are filled with all things children: Play-Doh, paper, crayons, bubbles, paint, coloring books, craft paper, glue sticks, stickers, etc.
If you'll notice the metal bin on the third shelf - this holds our plethora of popcorn - a preschooler favorite in our house. The boxes of popcorn became excessive so I emptied them all and used this container from the $1 bins at Target to hold the packets neatly :)
I realize this type of organization might be a little Sleeping with the Enemy but this is how I roll. . .usually ;)

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Lori said...

oooohhhh seeing the organized pantry makes me happy and calm. I like. Your blog post along with a few others about organization this month inspired me to do a complete house organizing overhaul. Ask me about my armoire when you come over saturday...