Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start ANEW!!. . .1/6/10

With every new year comes that innate desire to start anew on January 1. We start a new exercise regimen (or one at all), we start eating healthier and/or dieting, we buy a new calendar, resolve to be more organized, we clean out our cars, closets, desks etc. all in hopes of making a fresh start. We resolve to do waaay more than we ever can or will do and therein lies the dilemma right? If we "resolve" to do too much, we inevitably will do nothing at all. It isn't all bad news though right? No. There are some things we can resolve to improve. BEING MORE ORGANIZED!

Being organized doesn't mean being boring. Having things in their place can not only be so fun and creative but also so freeing! How can working hard to keep things in place be freeing you might ask? Well, here are just a few reasons (proven by experts and doctors I might add):

1) Time Saving - when you know where things are and where they go, you waste less time, and we all know that life is busy and minutes wasted can add up!

2) Less Stress - For women especially, stress leads to wrinkles, weight gain (excess cortisol build up), muscle tension, heart disease, etc. Why stress about how to get things done all the time? Having calendars, a dry erase board in your pantry (like me), filing systems, email reminders, all help us keep our sanity and enjoy life's more important things: our families and friends.

3) Children Need Boundaries - Parenting book after book, article after article all stress how important it is for children to have 1) boundaries and 2) responsibilities. When kids are required to clean up their own mess, they 1) feel included - like they are a real part of the family (because they have a job just like mommy and daddy have jobs), 2) they know what is expected of them and learn to be responsible for the mess they make (this helps later in life to know mom and dad won't clean up life messes for me) and in turn 3) they won't make as big a mess to begin with. All of this is real advice from experts. (Sorry that the particular reference escapes me).

So, in keeping with "starting fresh" and my last entry of 2010, let's look at some more ways to make staying organized fun, creative, and beautiful! If it's hard to read my writing, click on each individual picture to enlarge.

Sometimes you can't avoid surprise visits from family, friends, neighbors, etc. so one way to keep your kitchen in order is with these great iron towel and dish racks. I think the dish drying rack is perfect for a house full of kids. We all know how quickly they can pile up! So don't waste time hand-drying. . .let them air dry. . .in style ;)
This bulletin display is sooooo cute! From placing them in a series (which offers you more places to stay organized) to the adorable bench beneath. Put this look by a back door or in a kitchen or just about anywhere?! I can just picture children stopping at the bench to tie their laces and run out the door. P.S. Wanna try this look at home? See below. My DIY project, then frame each one with a pretty picture frame. Try Hobby Lobby. Great prices and they'll frame it for you when you purchase their frames.
And look at this shelving unit. What an easy solution for cleaning items, sewing equipment, detergent, extra rags, shoes, etc. Think it's not affordable?? Try this one from Ikea for only $34.99!! And they sell the baskets to fit too!

Last year I made a bulletin board for my son's room. It has great cowboy and handgun tacks I found online and displays pictures, a Valentine's card from his favorite teacher, school art work, a mini customized name plate, etc. Wanna do it yourself? Take a ready made cork board (I find it's easiest to buy one with a frame and here's one for less than $7 at Target), lay the fabric of choice down on a flat surface (front side of fabric facing down), lay cork board on top, cut three inches from edge of cork board all around, then tightly hot glue borders. Let cool and dry and then turn over. Place a frame around it or a fun border or brass nail heads (like above) on the edges and voila!

PS: As a great way to kick off 2011 - Submit a photo of a way you've recently organized YOUR home creatively. Best photo will receive a box of organizing goodies from me in the mail!!
Send photo to: thekelleys9305@aol.com

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