Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home for the Holidays. . .12/7/10

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is the biggest birthday party around. . .for one, and secondly it is a special time when families, friends and even strangers can come together in an atmosphere of love, giving and memory-making. For me, it is a time of anticipation. I anticipate the actual holiday itself yes, but I also anticipate the music, the lights, the food, the decorations, the cards that come in the mail with faces of friends new and old; the celebration of christianity.

As for decorating our home, I have always historically done it in the exact same way: day after Thanksgiving, I wake up, coffee in hand, Christmas music playing (Amy Grant and Harry Connick Jr. holiday CD's) and start with the tree, then move on to the staircase and any other areas such as mantel, tabletop etc. This year however, with two babies, I am a bit energy deprived. I sleep but it's the constant moving, fetching, scheduling, playing, chasing etc that really depletes me. So, that said, I knew I needed/wanted to start earlier than post-turkey feast. Even with my preemptive move, I managed to take an entire week to decorate our tree and home. . .and I even slacked off a little - leaving several ornaments in the box?! Regardless, here is a glimpse of some areas I styled. . .know that I went about 50% on everything. Sorry :( I'll do better next year. . .

A close-up of our tree. . .this year it's enormous! 9 feet tall! We had to get a new one after part of our old tree was accidentally tossed in the trash. . .long story. . .As you can see, I do three garlands: one red berry strand, one burlap ribbon and also I buy vine wreaths and pull them apart to wrap around the tree as a garland. Have been doing it since my first tree :)
I know many people like to keep their tree consistent with the exact same balls, garlands, ornaments etc. but I like to use ornaments that are in the same "family" of style and mix in hand made items, family treasures and sentimental ornaments, such as my handmade burlap bows from last year and some hand-painted wooden ornaments made by my son :)
Not sure why my tree looks like it's leaning but here it is. . .note the strand of Froot Loops on yarn. . .compliments of my son. . .
My Rosemary plant wrapped in burlap with some raffia tied balls sits atop our coffee table. This is also one of my favorite antique rosaries. . .I collect them :)
I bought this hand-stamped ribbon on Etsy and didn't know what to do with it so it now adorns an architectural piece on a hallway table.
I added a galvanized zinc pot to this small lit tree by our doorway as a last minute bit of sparkle.
I found these three trees a few years back ay Hobby Lobby - they are super fragile so I placed them up high this year - away from the curious hands of small children.
My entry hall table displays vine and moss topiaries that spell the word J-O-Y. It's almost fitting that it would be near some of my favorite things - my antique crown, italian florentine boxes and one of my antique rosaries. . .all things that, like Christmas, also bring me joy :)

Hope your Christmas is merry and bright. . .filled with the spirit, peace, love and celebration of Christ's birth. Happy Christmas!!


Alison said...

It all looks great! It took me and week to decorate too!

Scrappy Mommy said...

LOVE all your decorating!
Amy Littlepage