Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She's Bringing Shabby Back, Yeah. . .11/10/10

Vintage elegance, imperfect perfection, functionality, tattered beauty - these are all words that I would use to describe the stylings and interior designs of a woman who has made her name synonymous with the words "shabby chic." Yes, you guessed it: Rachel Ashwell. And I am here to sing her praises. . .or at least those of her style and design.

Here is a woman who opened a small boutique in Santa Monica, California in the late 80's, grew it into a worldwide "trend", opened 15 stores spanning the country and "across the pond", made an affordable brand of her designs available to the masses at Target, wrote several interior design books on the matter, went through bankruptcy, lost nearly all of her store's locations and has now bounced back with a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture line and three new stores to show it all off. And might I add, it's fabulous!

Don't believe me? Take a quick peek. . .

Love, love, love the pink velvet juxtaposition to the gold leafing. Like a soft and hard contrast.
And I nearly fell off my chair when I came upon the image of this tablecloth!! GORGEOUS!!!
The loveliness of these floral pillows makes me want to redo my bedroom. . .only my husband would kill me if he had to sleep in a bed this girly.
I am a HUGE glass chandelier fan. I have one just like this in my bathroom.
And I somehow need to find a way to incorporate one of these chandeliers into my sweet little girl's room!
Love the delicate skirt on the Darcy Chair and the "X" back of the August chair.
The wrinkly texture of the Floris sofa is what I believe Rachel refers to as "tattered elegance". . .
I love the texture and fabric of this simple sectional but it's the eclectic pillows that really steal the show here. . .
Same with this sofa - the sectional is perfection and ease personified but the combination of the painted chippy doors as understated "art" leaning on the wall really makes a statement all its own.
And this skirted slipcovered bench is just dying to sit at the foot of someone's bed!! Maybe mine. . .

Convinced that Ms. Ashwell has a bit of fabulousness tucked up her sleeve yet? I am. Wasn't always a convert but her new line is inspired. . .as am I.

PS: here's a fun little fact. . .Rachel buys her vintage pieces and antiques in London AND in Texas at our very own Round Top antique fair!! In fact, she has a replica piece called "The Warrenton"!!!

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