Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby Shower Treats. . .11/6/10

My girlfriends and I have all thrown each other's wedding and baby showers and we've hosted so many for one another at this point that it has become a little bit of a joke in that we can do it with our hands tied behind our backs. We have the decorations for boy or girl, we have our go-to petit fours place, a treasure trove of delectable recipes to choose from and a knowledge of whose strengths fall into which categories. . .i.e.: we always have the same girl do invitations because she is a whiz at Photoshop!

This past weekend we hosted a rather small shower for our dear friend who is welcoming her third son in December but just to change things up a bit, I baked the sweets and chose cupcakes instead of a larger full-scale cake. I added a little blue food coloring in honor of the little one coming but I must say that the actual cake portion feels a little more St. Patricks than it does baby boy. . .maybe needed to add a few more blue droplets? I found these adorable teeny tiny plastic baby trinkets to add to the tops of the frosting. I was pretty pleased with them.

What's a baby shower without chicken salad, right?
I wasn't expecting to get the French wire votive candle holders that I ordered online until next week but they arrived the day before the shower. Perfect timing for a little added light!
A colorful and fresh bowl of ripe berries to pour over the delicious french toast one of our hostesses provided :)

This artichoke dip is insane! It is SO easy to make and SO yummy to eat!
A mini preview of our brunch feast!

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