Friday, October 22, 2010

Le Debut. . .10/22/10

It's no secret that I have an all-consuming love affair with all things French. . .thus the title of this blog. I love French food, French culture, French fashion, French music, but the piece de resistance, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE French interior design. One step inside my home and you might feel like a French country antique shop engulfed you. Or not. What can I say? We love what we love, oui? It should not then be a big shocker that for my debut (technically second) entry to this, my second blog site, is a French tea cake.

On Tuesday afternoon I was in the mood to create something. Something delicious. Both Rusty and Tess were napping so whatever I was going to create had to be born of ingredients currently present in my pantry. So, I sat down, opened a cookbook and perused cake recipes. After flipping through a few pages, I decided that I could probably tweak a recipe or two and come up with one of my own. After all, chefs do it all the time, right?? The worst that could happen is that it is not edible and goes to the trash. Cest la vie, no? So, off I went. I did exactly what I proposed - tweaked some coffee cake recipes to make what I created and now affectionately call: Emily's French Tea Cake. Voila!

Here is my final product. Since I baked four mini loaves, I went ahead and packaged three so I could give them away. I must have felt pretty confident about the outcome because I gave away two loaves the next morning to two girls I met FOUR days before and was joining for a NEW bible study. Easy way to turn away new friends if the tea cakes are awful, right? But apparently, they were not. I got rave reviews from both ladies who devoured the cakes before my eyes! I was SERIOUSLY in shock!!
As an added "Frenchy" bonus, I placed a few pieces of lavender in the package from the arrangement on my breakfast table.
Here is a closer shot. The cake is meant to be VERY subtle in taste, which is why I decidedly called it a tea cake - something you can enjoy with tea, that does not have an overwhelming taste but is sufficiently delicate enough in flavor.
Bon Apetit!!

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