Friday, October 29, 2010

Chambre d'Hôtes. . .10/29/10

Everything in life is a work in progress. A home is no different. Unless you are using an interior decorator who will, from start to finish, furnish your home and provide you with a completed product, or unless you choose to adopt a modern minimalist approach to decorating, it is always evolving. My newest project that I am choosing to share with you is my guest bedroom or, in the language spoken in heaven, chambre d'hotes.

My thought is that while the room is "fine" as is, for now, it feels unfinished; like an empty canvas waiting to be drawn upon. And I will confess that since I know the house we are in is 99.9% not the house we are going to live in forever, I sometimes don't make too much of an effort in areas that are not widely used in the home. I do like to take my time regardless because I am my own decorator and I never want to be done. Decorating and designing things in my home; being creative and enjoying the hunt for the unique is my happy place. Why would I want that to be over?

Anyway, here are some photographs of the present state of my guest bedroom. I'll post these now and as it evolves, and hopefully improves, I'll post more photographs of the changes. Maybe in the next few antique stops I hit, I'll find the perfect pieces. . .cross your fingers.

ABOVE: I love the starting "feel" of this room. I adore the bedding. The rocking chair was actually mine as a child. It was a honey color and lived in my room all my life. When I got married and moved into this house I had it darkened to stand out from these blue/gray walls. I loooove the wall color!
ABOVE: A close-up of the side table's styling. It is not at all what I want it to look like but since I'm having guests over soon, it needs something for the time being.
ABOVE: My hobnail vase. Found in Roundtop this past fall for $7!! I love a good deal. And I LOVE hydrangeas.
ABOVE: This little silk envelope is a replica that I bought myself when my husband and I became engaged. Back in the days (who knows how long ago), lovers left these envelopes all over the house or wherever with sweet nothings written to one another. I thought it was remarkably romantic and sweet.
ABOVE: The bedding is a combination of brands - but that's what I love - the mix of textures. The headboard is actually not a headboard - it's a rusty, chippy piece of tin metal that I found at Marburger TWO AND A HALF years ago! I have been debating where in the many possible places in our home I wanted to hang it but since it is just shy of the width of the queen bed, I went ahead and tried something outside the box. I love the way it turned out.
ABOVE: Here is a close up of my "headboard."
ABOVE: Here is a wide span photo of the window wall. Aside from the sconces, it just feels so empty. Not that empty is always bad but. . .feels like something might be missing.ABOVE: Close-up of the sconce. I never ever put actual lights or candles in my sconces or candlesticks throughout the house. I like them better bare.
ABOVE: My lovely antique buffet and hutch. It is still in the early stages of shelf styling but there's a whole different blog post covering that topic ;)

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